SMD Inductor Solution

As a leading drum core manufacturer, we offer wide range of drum core size for shielded and unshielded SMD inductor application. We have incorporated metalization technique since 1998, metalize the solder pad on the Ni-Zn ferrite core enable us to offer lower profile product to the electronics industry. 80%+ of our drum core size for SMD application are custom tooling or modification of existing tooling. Our standard core size and specification are listed below to demonstrate our capability. Please contact us for your specific requirements.


Shielded Drum Core Solution

LDRI (1) Family
LDRI (2) Family
SDRP Family
E9H LDRI 5.7x1.7 D-3
E9H LDRI 5.7x2.57 D-3
YT-T-S4402, Clip for LDRI 5.7x1.7 D-3
E9H SDRI 6.2x2.5 4T
E9H SDRI 6.2x4.2 4T
YT-T-07, Clip for SDRI 6.2x
E9H LDRI 6.7x2.57 D-3
YT-T-S3802 Clip for LDRI 6.7x2.57
E9H LDRI 6.7x3.65 D-3
YT-T-S4401, Clip for LDRI 6.7x3.65 D-3
E9H SDRI 7.3x2.8, B = 2.55mm
E9H SDRI 7.3x3.7, B = 2.8mm
YT-T-06, Clip for SDRI 7.3x
E9H DRI 8.25x4.1 2T
E9H SDRI 11.7x10x2
E9H SDRI 12x3.85, B = 5.0mm
E9H SDRI 12x5.2, B = 4.9mm
E9H SDRI 12x7.1, B = 6.4mm
YT-035, Clip for SDRI 12x
J2 STP 3.9x2
YTE Drum Core Solutions for Sumida SMD Shielded Inductor

Unshielded Drum Core Solution

MDR Core (metalization Drum)
Popular Drum Core for SMD Power Inductor
MH Core
Typical material for power application is E9H Material (Ni-Zn Ferrite) or J2 Material (Mn-Zn Ferrite), for RF application the material maybe vary based on application, please refer to Ferrite Material property for additional information.