YTE (Yeng Tat Electronics) Ferrite

Established 1977, YTE (Yeng Tat Electronics, Co. Ltd) Ferrite is supplying high quality of ferrite core material to the electronics industry worldwide. Mn-Zn material in EFD, EI, ER, EP, ETD, RM, PC, POT, UU, UI & Toriod shape for transformer application. For Power chokes application, YTE offers both Ni-Zn and Mn-Zn material in rod (slug), drum, balun.

As the electronics industry moving toward Surface Mount Technology, YTE offers wide range of products for SMD inductor & transformer application, please refer to our product specification on the web or contact us for additional information.

All our quality core material is being manufactured at our ISO-9001 & ISO9002 certified facility in Taiwan and Malaysia. 80% of our current production is custom tooling, please contact us asking about our competitive custom tooling offering.

YTE Drum Core Solutions for Sumida SMD Shielded Inductor
JP40 ERC 12.3x9x2.45 for CEP125 Solution
Planar EE Core - Ferrite
PQI 20 and 16 Planar Core
Rod (R) Ferrite Core
Popular Drum Core for SMD Power Inductor
EE Ferrite Core
Drum Core with Lead - DRWW1
Drum Core with Lead - DRWW2
Drum Core with Lead - DRWW3
Drum (DR-2) Core w/o lead
Drum (DRH) Core for High Current
Toroid Ferrite Core
EP Ferrite Core
RM Ferrite Core
Pot Ferrite Core
EI Ferrite Core
EF Ferrite Core
ER & EFD Core for SMD Transformer
SMD Inductor Solution
YTE Ferrite Material Information:
MnZn Material Table 2003 update
Ni-Zn Material Table 2003 update
YTE JF3 Material Permeability vs. Frequency
YTE JF3 Material Core Loss vs. Temperature
YTE JF3 Material Permeability vs. Temperature
YTE JF3 Material Inductance Change vs. Temperature
YTE JF3 Material B-H Curve
Ferrite Material Property